A young woman named Heather died yesterday. She was murdered by a terrorist on US soil. I didn’t know Heather personally, but I won’t soon forget her. 

Because, she is a hero. 

I’m overwhelmed with sadness that someone lost their life in the protests yesterday. What makes me even more sad, and angry is that in the political climate in our country today people everywhere– just like Heather– feel that they have to stand up for rights of millions of citizens that our country isn’t protecting. At the expense of their own safety sometimes. The reality is…. 

It is dangerous to be not white. 
It is dangerous to be a female. 
It is dangerous to be LGBTQ.
It is dangerous to be born poor. 

Any one of those four things listed above put an individual at a greater risk of being the victim of a violent crime. Those three, or other disadvantages combined create increasing odds that individuals will be targeted for violence, hate, or even just neglectful abuse. 
I’m so proud to live in a country where so many will stand up for those who are outnumbered. 
While our country hasn’t progressed at the rate I would like at least there is this… there are people who care and there are those who are willing to give their life to promote freedom AND equality for those who face oppression. Because of people like Heather, and countless others… we will get there. 
A very wise person once told me when I was down about something I was working desperately hard to improve….
“Two steps forward and one step back is still progress.” 

That’s what I’m reminding myself tonight. ❤️


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