This Valentine’s Day, for whatever reason…. my mind has been on years gone by. I’ve spent many Valentine’s days alone. Especially when I was younger- a teenager- and it was really. Really hard! At the school I attended, flowers and balloons were the norm for students. Boyfriends and girlfriends often pulled out all the stops. I remember students as young as third grade getting expensive flowers or balloons from their crushes. Some years I got some… some years not…. but as I got older, the gifts became more and more extravagant. It was heartwarming to see people care about one another. However, at the same time it sometimes left the “have nots” with a bit of a hole in their soul. ESPECIALLY if those same youth were really convinced the only way to happiness was with a significant other. 

Which is what brings me to my point…. it’s not.

High school is not the most fun for some students. On Valentine’s… or any other day. Many people experience a range of emotions on days like this. Some feel loved,some feel unloved. Some feel sad, alone, scared, anxious, depressed… etc etc. 

I just wanted to take a minute and tell you- YOU are loved. The feelings you have are normal. Hang on to those feelings and grow into the amazing person you are meant to be. Use those feelings to propel you into greatness (with or without a soul mate).

It really is just a silly commercialized holiday. 

Please take care not to let it define you. 

I’m going to leave you with the Bible story of Ruth. Yes… in the end – Ruth gets a man (Boaz)… but… that isn’t the most important take away of the story to me. Ruth takes care of business. She had meaningful loving relationships that weren’t  romantic in nature. Ruth exhibits great character, she takes care of herself and those she loves. Ruth doesn’t waste time trying to gain attention. She gains attention from throwing herself into the service of others. She cares for those in need. She spends time providing for her family. All of those things… I believe lead women to feel fulfilled, and fullfilment leads the way to HAPPINESS

If at some point a man crosses your path that appreciates those remarkable traits…. I understand considering a relationship. But never, ever, feel like a romantic relationship will define who YOU are as an individual. ❤️❤️

Xoxo –



One thought on “For all the single lady teens on Valentine’s Day….

  1. Very well said…..the virtuous woman didn’t hang around expecting someone to take care of her either….she was up early taking care of her household and others….very nice.



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