​This is what U.S. rape culture looks like: 
In 1975 a young female attorney is appointed by a judge to defend an accused rapist. The reason: the likely rapist had requested a female attorney. Obviously, someone who has been accused of violently raping a 12 year old girl should get to choose the gender of his free court appointed attorney right??? Rapist 1 women 0 
The female attorney asks not to be appointed to the case by the judge… Is told it’s in her best interest to defend the alleged rapist no matter her personal beliefs about the case. the judge was more concerned about a rapist having the best defense than the attorney who did not want to take the case. Rapist 2 Women 0
Then. The only evidence of the assault disappears. The rapist pleads guilty. Gets basically no time in jail. Rapist 3 Women 0.
40 years later. Woman who did not want the case….Is still being shamed by men because the rapist received basically no time. Rapist 4 Women 0. 
Men who are super similar to that judge 40 years ago… spread incorrect information in an attempt to silence women. Rapist 5 Women 0
There is a bit of a bright spot. I am a woman… And on November 8th. My vote will be cast to end rape culture.


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