I’m so incredibly sad today.

Today. I’m ashamed to be an American. 

Today ugliness in our country has been exploited for what it is. In the same way women are sexually assaulted and abused in their homes… A person of high esteem has raped our beautiful nation. 

I have listened for months to excuses and explanations. 

I have refused to believe that the conservative nominee for our presidential election is nothing more than a joke. 

Today I have witnessed an evil, abusive, and vulgar human-being  be defended for the horrible things he has done and said. 

Today I saw people use religious abuse in an attempt to manipulate fellow Christians by using scriptures about forgiveness in an effort to not lose votes. 

In some ways I’m not surprised… But there is a part of me that died inside today. Because I have Daughters. Sisters. Nieces. Strong, smart, women who have been assaulted. 

I know sometimes things have to get really bad before real change comes about… But. This is the greatest country on earth right? Yes?? I can’t tell. 

I’ve spent most my life observing politics. Call it a hobby… Or whatever. I have deep compassion for humanity in general. But today, has been the most disappointing day in my life in the world of politics. It will always be the day I remember as the day that I understood. 

I understand why so many women are raped. 

I understand how we are shamed.

 I understand how we are abused.

 And I understand how we are silenced.

 I understand and I’m angry. 

No matter your political persuasion. Please. Do not minimize the seriousness of the conservative nominee’s behavior. The only way our nation is going to grow into a healthier place is by calling it like it is… Abusive.

Every woman in America was sexually assaulted yesterday. We need to make sure we are standing together and strong so we can move into a healthier place. The fact that we are here… Doesn’t matter. Just like it doesn’t matter how a battered woman gets where she is. What matters is making choices that will separate us from the abuse. Then moving into a healthier place. 

No one ever deserves to be treated the way that abusive men treat people. Ever. I have a wonderful husband, father, and two wonderful sons. I’m not a man hater. 

However, when we witness men being abusive- they must be called out. Also anyone who tries to minimize the abuse is also guilty of it. 

We can make this better. But not if people of our country look the other way. 


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