And this conversation was one that I hoped I would never have to have.
My gorgeous daughter is 14, and in my eyes as innocent as a girl can come.
She is beautiful, sassy, and smart all at the same time.
She has two fathers, and grandfathers, and two brothers,  that have doted on her since her birth…. And today… Today! I had to tell her how to reduce the likelihood that she would be raped. Because it is STILL nearly legal in our country. The United States of America.

Today 25% of women will be raped before they graduate from college.  If I understand correctly… Only 13% of those rapes will be reported. As of today I have to say I don’t blame those who don’t report their rapes. But I hope that changes soon.

Today I have worried about the rape victim at Stanford more times than I can count. When I think in terms that there are other women across our nation that have endured the same circumstances today, that  we don’t even know about, I can become overwhelmed. That’s why I knew I had to talk to my husband, sons, and daughter today.  So I did.

Please. Talk to your yours too.

Tell your husbands about privilege- and how even if they abhor rape,  many men can’t even identify what it really is.

Tell your sons about what consent means.

Tell your daughters what puts them at risk. Because even though its ridiculous that in our “CHRISTIAN NATION” they have to worry about that. THEY DO.

Yes, this girl at Stanford admitted she had drank some… What if she had been drugged? Will anyone really ever know…? What if she has a medical condition that is more pronounced during times of exhaustion? Will we really ever know?  Does it even matter?

The bottom line is this.. a court in our nation THISWEEK decided your right to safety as a young female (in our nation) was NOT as important as a young males right to freedom.
Young women. Please take a moment to digest that and prepare yourselves for the future.
Young men. Please take a moment to digest that and decide which side of history you will be a part of.
Adults. Please read all of the linked information, and decide how to educate your children.

Christians. Please educate yourselves, and decide based on Scripture, the best way to educate our youth.


2 thoughts on “I just had a conversation with my family…

  1. Whewww….excellent thoughts. I was nervous after you called and “warned” me….but you came through “intelligently” once again! (I should not have doubted!) LOL Have a good day!



  2. Good for you, Brandi. Your daughter and sons will thank you forever for your honesty and in having “a talk” with them is doing EVERYTHING you CAN do to prevent what could happen. Educating our children and making them AWARE of what goes on around them is key, along with being present in their lives. Pro-active! You go girl!

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