Motherhood. Is there anything more challenging? More rewarding? More exhausting? Not that I can think of! From the moment of the first cry of your new born baby, you are forever changed as a person. I remember being a small child, and my parents explaining to me that I would never understand how much they loved me, until I had children of my own. They would further explain that God loved me even more than they could ever love me. They were right. I didn’t understand, until I held my firstborn, and then life changes forever.

Probably the scariest thing that I’ve ever had to do, is to make parenting decisions! There are just so many things to consider! What do I expect of them? What am I willing to concede? And then guess what? There is a whole other adult that has ideas too (WHAAAAAT?)! Yes, Dads always have at least a few requests along the way as well. So settling on the priorities becomes somewhat of a song and dance. In the early years parents hope they have it all together, and as the years go by by we have to rely more and more on faith. These little people that we love with all that we have; they grow, and change, and aren’t always nice (they most likely get their meanness from me *sigh)! They aren’t like we want them to be, and it’s so scary! However, it is important that we keep in mind that they are who God wants them to be. Their purpose is not to fulfill our desires, but His needs in the work of the Church.

Train up a child in the way he should go,And when he is old he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6. We all know this scripture, it’s what many parents lean on to get us through the tough parenting days. But in times of trial do we really put adequate faith in it? At times I haven’t. This phrase may mean many different things to parents. Some parent’s will find comfort in teaching their children the “rules” of Christianity. Others will strive to teach their children the importance of the Word, while instilling good character. Let me ask you as a parent this, are you willing to have enough FAITH, to watch your child make mistakes and struggle?

The story of the prodigal son has always intrigued me (Luke 15:32 KJV). I can identify with how that Father might have felt, when he knew that his son was away from him, and from God. Is there anything more scary for a Christian parent? The Word gives us this account as an example of how faith will prevail in times of darkness during parenting. How did the father in this parable behave? He didn’t enable, he didn’t make excuses, But….. when the son returned with a repentant heart, he easily killed the fatted calf and celebrated his sons return.

Our kids aren’t always going to be perfect (they also have imperfect parents). They will make mistakes, so will we, they will learn through trial and error, just like we did, and they will come to the Glory of God if they choose, and/or have been taught it when they were young.

Shelby, Paige, Dalton, Kassidy, and Johnny…. Nothing has been better than being in your lives. I love you ALL more with each passing day, and have complete faith that in time you will all promote the gospel to the lost with your own unique gifts! On this Mother’s Day, YOU! are the best gifts of all!

Love and Hugs! xoxo- Brandi


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