Hello Friends!

I am first a Christian.  I grew up in a Christian home which encouraged individual spirituality. My parents were consistent in teaching my sister and I to research the Word on our own, from the time we could read.  My dad has never liked to read, however I remember him saying when I was young that it was important to be able to read well enough to understand scripture.  My earliest religious training, that I recall, was my mother teaching my sister and I the books of the Bible in order.  We learned to recite the new testament books, at about age 5 or 6.  I remember mom telling us this was important so that we could always find what we were searching for.  As far as biblical teaching goes, more emphasis was put on understanding the significance of the Bible, understanding the layout and gospels, and the importance in application.  Whether they meant to or not, they didn’t teach us how to interpret, or how to “feel” about what we learned.

Secondly, I’m a humanitarian. The definition of humanitarian:concerned with or seeking to promote human welfare.”groups sending humanitarian aid.

synonyms: compassionatehumane;

I believe that it is impossible for a person to profess Christianity, without a deep concern for mankind.  At the current time, my free time is spent earning a Master’s Degree in Human Development and Family Studies, with emphasis in Family and Community Service, and have a special interest in family and poverty related issues.  Many of my blog posts will deal with these topics.

My husband is K– He is a sweetheart, and no doubt the love of my life! K has been so supportive of our family and all of my personal endeavors.  We have been married almost 12 years.  Ours is a blended family; both of us married  before, with two children and then we had one child together.

Our kids! Shelby, Paige, Dalton, Kassidy, Johnny.  We are so proud of our kids and the people we are watching them become! Parenting is a tough, TOUGH, job! I don’t feel that I’m yet in a place to offer much in this area, but hopefully given time, others can reap some wisdom from our experiences.

As previously mentioned my parents have previously, and still play a very important role in my family’s world.  They both grew up in Alton, MO. The couple married in 1977 and have been together since.  During difficult times and good, they have been a steady example of how parents should be.  Love, Faith, Hard work, and Hope are what comes to mind in regard to my parents.  At this point they have not grown weary in well doing….. and that in itself is an accomplishment.

Of course I have to mention my precious sister.  The epitome of kindness.  She is so “GOOD” I wanna slap her at times! But at the end of the day, I know it’s through Christ that she is all she is, and I see glory in her.  She is married, and I have two precious nieces!

My family has been abundantly blessed with many members of our extended family, and wonderful friends! At times I may refer to them throughout blog posts.  If you ever have time, read “It Takes A Village” – Hillary Clinton.  A wonderful work.

Lover of Dogs. Charli.  My maltese/Bichon mix is my best friend and side kick.  It is unlikely that I will ever be writing that he isn’t so close that I can hear his breathing.  He came into our family Febraury of 2014, during a very difficult time.  Charli may be referred to at times in the blog in ways that he might be confused with a person… LOL I can live with that.

The purpose of this blog is for me to express opinions and experiences.  I hope that my experiences might help others who are struggling, or give inspiration to those who have overcome challenges to speak up, so that others might be inspired.  I encourage replies and feedback. However, ugly or offensive replies will be removed.  My project is to unite those with a common goal in strengthening families and those who might be going through difficult times.

I hope this is the beginning of an incredible journey of self discovery for myself and others!

Brandi     xoxo

P.S.  This blog is NOT for engaging in heated or spirited debate on religious or political topics.  If that is what you want, then my advice is, begin your own blog.  I hope to unite like minded people.  If you aren’t like minded, then I’m totally okay with you not commenting and unfollowing my blog.  I value differing opinions and hope that you will invite me to view your blog about whatever you believe will make this world a better place. When time allows I love to explore others opinions. Thanks! B-


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